A must for every parent teaching their teen to drive!

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Coaching Your Teen To Drive is a complete step by step “Lesson Plan” with the goal of providing parents with the knowledge and tools they will need to prepare their teen to become a confident, competent and responsible driver.

This parent’s course was written by an experienced Driver Education Instructor to provide parents with same knowledge and skills that he incorporated when he instructed teens how to drive with competence and safety.

This complete course is a must for any parents interested in teaching their teens to drive on the road.

Table of Contents


Section  1 — Learning to Drive is a Process

Section  2 — Begin at the Beginning

Section  3 — Teaching the Fundamentals

Section  4 — Parent Instructional Skills

Section  5 — Developing Real-Time Judgement

Section  6 — Predicting the Intention of Other Drivers

Section  7 — Braking is a Life-Saving Skill

Section  8 — Controlled Steering – part 1

Section  9 — Proficient Cornering

Section 10 — Planning Ahead and Merging

Section 11 — New Driver Practice Exercises

Section 12 — Controlled Steering – part 2

Section 13 — Following Distance

Section 14 — Driver Coach Safety Equipment

Section 15 — Before Starting the Engine

Section 16 — Core Driving Skills

Section 17 — Developing Control Skills

Section 18 — Driving in the Real World

Section 19 — Preparing for Driving on the Road

Section 20 — Proficient Cornering

Section 21 — 2 Lane Rural Roads and Curves

Section 22 — Highways and Freeways

Section 23 — Night Driving

Course Summary