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  • Comprehensive real world defensive driving class

  • Guaranteed not to be boring. No one falls asleep

  • High impact graphics and videos

  • Instruction onsite at business location

Instructor is licensed by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to provide instruction in

  • Traffic School

  • DUI School

  • Driver Education / Parent Coaching Classes

  • Behind the Wheel Instruction


  • Reality on the Road

  • Crashes by the Numbers

  • Difference between Traffic Accidents and Crashes

  • Recognition of Common Traffic Situations that lead to Accidents

  • The Physics of Risk

  • Distracted Driving

  • Need for Speed

  • Crash prevention Technology

  • The Downside of Aggressive Driving

  • Reducing Crash Risks in Weather and Darkness

Great course! My staff learned so much about driving defensively, that I will hold refresh every 6 months.

John, Acme Delivery Services