Lane-Departure Warning (LDW): Visual, audible, or haptic warning to alert the driver when they are crossing lane markings. Lane-Departure Assist (LDA): The cars computer’s corrects steering input or braking provided by the vehicle when crossing lane markings. Lane-Centering Assist: Continuous active steering to stay in the lane (active steer, autosteer, etc.) Adaptive cruise control (ACC): Adaptive cruise technology uses lasers, radar, cameras, or a combination of these systems to maintain a constant distance between you and the car ahead, automatically keeping a safe following distance. If highway traffic slows, some systems will bring the car to a complete stop and automatically return to a speed when traffic begins moving again. This allows the driver to do little more than pay attention and steer. One caveat that drivers need to keep in mind when using these types of driver safety technology is that they cannot blame the car if they are involved in a crash. The technology only supplements a drivers focus and skill, not replace it… at least not yet.