A new Department of Motor Vehicles facility replacing the aging and crowded Galletti Way office could come to south Reno by 2020, according to DMV Director Terri Albertson. The new office would be on South Meadows Parkway between Double Diamond Parkway and Double R Boulevard. The Reno – Galletti Way facility has become infamous for parking issues and long wait times. More than 1,500 parking tickets and 566 cars have bee towed since September 2015. Staff sometimes don’t leave for lunch out of fear of losing their parking spot, “I personally have done the ‘drive around the parking lot’ trip, even. The director of the NV DMV admitted that when she goes to the Galletti DMV, she will often stalk other customers waiting for them to pull out of a coveted parking spot. The new building will cost $42 million, measure 57,600 square feet and include 450 parking spaces compared to the current 156 at Galletti Way. It would be constructed on land the DMV already owns. Director Albertson said there would not be an increase in staff, but there would be an increase in the number of service windows from 36 to 43. Staff would rotate from the back offices to man those windows so as to improve wait times. The director also suggested opening a satellite facility in north Reno. That said, there is currently no concrete plan for that as of yet. ~ Summary of original article by Seth Richardson Reporter with the Reno Gazette Journal,